Milan, 20 April 20, 2011 - Stendidea, coming from by the design week, has raised great enthusiasm and success in terms of reached contacts and obtained access. Stendidea is the absolute news in the house world, an innovative idea of design that has revolutioned the act of hang out washing. 

Stendidea has, in fact, taken part at “Fuori Salone del Mobile 2011”, inside the “Design in Progress” circuit, in order to make oneself known not only by experts, architects, interior designer and journalists, but also by private users design lovers.
These latter, in fact, are the most strike because Stendidea is a product able to make pleasant a simple domestic and daily act. What makes Stendidea from traditional hang clothes is it's handiness, versatility and resistance in the time.

The experts have appreciated the product  for this particular features: high technology and high design “made in Italy”; the trade press was really surprised and impressed by this innovative product.
A lot of contacts obtained both with a dealers with whom to build business relationships, both with the press that will be steadily informed about news from Stendidea world.

During the exhibition Stendidea has reached maximum visibility also thanks to particular set up that  as highlighted the innovative features of the product. It was chosen, in fact, a setting tank in anthracite, to give full prominence to two Stendidea models: one positioned on the wall and the second hung from the ceiling as absolute protagonist.

Stendidea is a product that represents the best combination of technology and design for people who desire in own home handiness, functionality and above all maximum aesthetics.

Mission accomplished for Stendidea who has managed in just a few days to be known and appreciated by a wide audience.


For further information
Stendidea Press Office: OFG ADV – Sara Vignati, Giulia Cosseddu – Via Olgiati 26 – 20143 Milano – phone no. 02 8135191 – fax no. 02 8136326 – sara.vignati@ofgadv.it, giulia.cosseddu@ofgadv.it