What is it?

Stendidea has modern and essential lines, made in stainless steel, the best combination of technology and design. Particularly in the electric version , controlled through a remote control device, Stendidea honours the principles of functionality, practicality and aesthetic quality. With a simple click, the hanging bars can lift or lower the washing with minimum effort.


Elegant and exclusive, Stendidea is ideal for those who wish to combine practicality, good looks and design. It occupies a minimum of space and adapts to any domestic environment, from the bathroom to the laundry room. It looks elegant and when not in use the bars can be folded away.

Technical characteristics

Stendidea has also been designed to meet the necessities of a large family as it can provide hanging space in an area up to 12 metres making it is possible to hang up to 20 kg of washing, which can be doubled by adding an other level.
Stendidea should be fitted on the wall, either tiled or plastered.

Stendidea - electric

The electric version is composed of a wall mounted system of pulleys, operated electrically by a remote control device. The raising or lowering is activated safely by pressing on the remote control device thus placing the washing at the desired height.

The electric Stendidea is available in the following measurements:
S1000: w. 113 x h. 133 cm
S1200: w. 133 x h. 133 cm
S1500: w. 150 x h. 133 cm

Stendidea - fixed

The fixed version is the most simple one and has the same characteristics of practicality, elegance and strength.

The fixed Stendidea is available in 4 different models, based on the width of the hanging level:
A80: w. 80 cm
A100: w. 100 cm
A120: w. 120 cm
A150: w. 150 cm

   Technical Characteristics S1000
   Technical Characteristics S1200
   Technical Characteristics S1300
   Technical Characteristics A-Series

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The hanging level opens and closes exclusively in a manual way.