Milan, April 2011 – Stendidea is the latest idea in the world of household design, one of those wonderful ideas that improve everyday life. The innovative idea came about within the domestic walls to improve daily needs: revolutionise the way of hanging clothes.
Stendidea is a real evolution and thus came about the idea of presenting it at the Tortona Design Week, “Stendidea: the evolution of hanging clothes”, a new way of doing a simple daily act in a more modern manner with the absolute in design.

Recently completed, Stendidea is a product which combines the best of technology and design, destined therefore for a public who desires practicality, functionality and above all the greatest elegance, an object which becomes the highlight of the scene, a “must” for the home.
It has been conceived, designed and made for users who are sensitive to the latest ideas in the field of fittings, constantly looking for objects of the best design and highest quality which provide the best performance possible in the domestic context.

So arises the need for the presentation to the public, a public which is perfectly in tune with the philosophy and values of Stendidea: the public of the Anteprima to the Fuori Salone del Mobile.
Stendidea takes the first steps in this international context by participating in the Programme “Design in Progress”, a wide-ranging event which gives designers, creators and new companies in the sector the opportunity to be known, creating synergy and setting up contacts and collaborations which will continue after the event.
Multiple spaces gathered together with one objective: to present themselves to architects, interior designers and experts.

In one corner measuring 20 square metres,  Stendidea will be the character of the space, in which there will be on display a few important elements which can best demonstrate its technical and functional characteristics, as well as its particular structure.

In a neutral environment where the predominating colour will be anthracite for the walls of the stand to the few fittings present, the attention of the public will be fixed on two models of Stendidea: one placed on the wall and the second, taking the centre of the stage, will be placed on an iron structure set up informally, painted in anthracite, with two stainless steel cables in an oblique position holding it to the wall.
Areas of warm light from spotlights positioned above the space will highlight the two products on show.

The concept “The evolution of hanging clothes”, the event's and advertising campaign's claim, will be highlighted by a pictorial reproduction on the front wall of the area, using a tinted stencil of light grey in perfect contrast to the dominating anthracite.

“The evolution of hanging clothes” is an ambitious project, conceived and developed to reach a well defined target, focusing on the innovation of the design and in this international context will achieve success and receive the maximum viewing.



Spazio Stendidea B6
Design in Progress" c/o l'Autorimessa
Via Tortona 20 - Milano

For information

 Ufficio Stampa Stendidea: OFG ADV 
Sara Vignati, Giulia Cosseddu 
Via Olgiati 26 – 20143 Milano 
tel. 02 8135191 – fax 02 8136326 
sara.vignati@ofgadv.it, giulia.cosseddu@ofgadv.it